Book One: The Cold Peace

“It doesn’t matter what you believe, so long as you don’t believe it completely.”

—Bertrand Russell

Chapter One: Allison Kinsey in an Exciting Adventure With the New Humans

Chapter Two: Message in the Flames

Chapter Three: Gabriel Over the White House 

Chapter Four: Watercolours

Chapter Five: Greetings, Fellow Humans

Chapter Six: The Lion, the Witch, and the Barn

Chapter Seven: Shall I Lose Twice?

Chapter Eight: Beyond These Fields We Know

Chapter Nine: The Powerless of This World

Chapter Ten: Other Beasts

Chapter Eleven: The Singular Elsa

Chapter Twelve: Some Mother’s Son

Chapter Thirteen: The Most Startling Supervillain of All!

Chapter Fourteen: The Miracle at Parliament House

Chapter Fifteen: Waters Clear and Dark

Chapter Sixteen: The Glass Forest

Chapter Seventeen: The Naming of Cats

Chapter Eighteen: Full Fathom Five Thy Father Dwells

Chapter Nineteen: Wake in Fright

Chapter Twenty: Now My Charms Are All O’erthrown

Chapter Twenty-One: The Battle of Avon Valley

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Quiet Room

First Intermission

“Now the Virgin returns, the reign of Saturn returns; now a new generation descends from heaven on high. Only do you, pure Lucina, smile on the birth of the child, under whom the iron brood shall at last cease and a golden race spring up throughout the world!”


Strange Things on the Side of the Road

There Was a Man

Book Two: Titanomachy 

“He does not live in a dark lonely tower by the sea, from which are heard the screams of vivisected men and women. On the contrary, he lives in Mayfair.”

—G.K Chesterton. 

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Marvellous Reinvention of Allison Kinsey

Chapter Twenty-Four: Married Days

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Night Watch

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Most Startling Superhero of All!

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The New Child

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Adam and the New Humans

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Reefs of Sound

Chapter Thirty: Mabel Henderson’s on the Case!

Chapter Thirty-One: Blasphemy

Chapter Thirty-Two: Pharmakós

Chapter Thirty-Three: Still Waters

Chapter Thirty-Four: Panoply

Chapter Thirty-Five: The Battle of the Rabbit Hatch

Chapter Thirty-Six: Backwards Day

Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Angel of Danzig

Chapter Thirty-Eight: By These Hands…

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Heal Thyself!

Chapter Forty: Damnatio Memoriae, or, True November

Chapter Forty-One: The Sleeper Awakes

Chapter Forty-Two: The Gold Rush

Chapter Forty-Three: Five Go Mad in Northam

Chapter Forty-Four: This Machine Kills Supervillains

Chapter Forty-Five: The Bellows of Giants

Chapter Forty-Six: The Girl Who Fell to Earth

Chapter Forty-Seven: Origin Story

Chapter Forty-Eight: The Prime of Miss Therese Fletcher

Chapter Forty-Nine: Formicarius

Chapter Fifty: Nostos

Chapter Fifty-One: Ulysses in Northam

Chapter Fifty-Two: No Enemy Shall Gather Our Harvest

Chapter Fifty-Three: The Shoal

Chapter Fifty-Four: These are the Damned

Chapter Fifty-Five: …And Hell Rode Behind Her

Second Intermission

“Everything is ceremony in the wild garden of childhood.”

—Pablo Neruda

The Little Stranger

Book Three: This Hollow Season

“On the shoreless deeps of the seas of gloom
Sailing, we venture afar and wide,
Where ever await the tempests of doom,
Where the silent maelstroms lurk and hide,
And the darkling reefs abide.”

—Clark Ashton Smith

Chapter Fifty-Six: The Brauronia of Allison Kinsey

Chapter Fifty-Seven: The Bacchanal at Harvey Dam

Chapter Fifty-Eight: The Whaleboat

Chapter Fifty-Nine: An American Warlock in Avon Valley

Chapter Sixty: A Feast of Tribes

Chapter Sixty-One: Grey Amber

Chapter Sixty-Two: The House Without Windows

Chapter Sixty-Three: Spirits

Chapter Sixty-Four: The Third Way

Chapter Sixty-Five: The Wolf Cub

Chapter Sixty-Six: Of Bottled Boys and Mermaids

Chapter Sixty-Seven: The Ship Moves

Chapter Sixty-Eight: The Metropolitans

Chapter Sixty-Nine: A Red Halo

Chapter Seventy: The Rumble at Royal Exhibition Building

Chapter Seventy-One: The Third Man

Chapter Seventy-Two: You and Us

Chapter Seventy-Three: The Man From Earth

Chapter Seventy-Four: Of His Bones Are Coral Made

Chapter Seventy-Five: Allie and Miri

Chapter Seventy-Six: Red Glare

Chapter Seventy-Seven: The God Beneath the Sea

Chapter Seventy-Eight: There Will be No Darkness

Chapter Seventy-Nine: Just Us

Chapter Eighty: The Adventures of Saint Josephine

Chapter Eighty-One: Mistress Quickly and the Maestros of Evil!

Chapter Eighty-Two: He Had Wings

Chapter Eighty-Three: The Übermensch Hunt

Chapter Eighty-Four: Prisoner of the Sea

Chapter Eighty-Five: The Comet’s Wake

Chapter Eighty-Six: Purgatorium

Chapter Eighty-Seven: The Supervillain Liberation Front

Chapter Eighty-Eighty: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Chapter Eighty-Nine: The Harrowing

Chapter Ninety: Full Circle

Chapter Ninety-One: The March of the Superheroes

Third Intermission

“Stars are beautiful, but they may not take part in anything, they must just look on forever.”

—J.M Barrie

Blair and Linda Meet the New England Warlock

The Worst Godling

Book Four: The Utopians

“It is my sincere wish that you do not give up your search for Eden. I have no doubt but that you will find it, or make it yourselves.”

—Leonard Nimoy

Chapter Ninety-Two: Allison Kinsey in the Big Ten

Chapter Ninety-Three: The Mirror People

Chapter Ninety-Four: Cloudsong

Chapter Ninety-Five: The Way to Catalpa

Chapter Ninety-Six: Atalanta and Clymene

Chapter Ninety-Seven: Changelings

Chapter Ninety-Eight: Tiger-Sharks

Chapter Ninety-Nine: Make Way for Miri

Chapter One-Hundred: The Singular Elsa’s Christmas Spectacular!

Chapter One-Hundred One: Wanton as Water

Chapter One-Hundred Two: Some Children do Wander

Chapter One-Hundred Three: Charivari

Chapter One-Hundred Four: A War of Jokes and Spells 

Chapter One-Hundred Five: David and Brit and Brit and David…

Chapter One-Hundred Six: A Mirror for Superheroes

Chapter One-Hundred Seven: Reflections in Gold

Chapter One-Hundred Eight: Become Impossible

Chapter One-Hundred Nine: The Arrows of the Sun

Chapter One-Hundred Ten: The Special Relationship

Chapter One-Hundred Eleven: The Phare

Chapter One-Hundred Twelve: The Dragon of Bròn Binn

Chapter One-Hundred Thirteen: A Cavourite Knight

Chapter One-Hundred Fourteen: The Tiger of Albion

Chapter One-Hundred Fifthteen: The Matter of Catalpa

Chapter One-Hundred Sixteen: St. George and the Vampire

Chapter One-Hundred Seventeen: The Forest of London

Chapter One-Hundred Eighteen: Camlann

 Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen: The Riddle of Myrddin

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty: The Fisher Wizard

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-One: Dispatches From Tomorrow


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