Book One: The Cold Peace

“It doesn’t matter what you believe, so long as you don’t believe it completely.”

—Bertrand Russell

Chapter One: Allison Kinsey in an Exciting Adventure With the New Humans

Chapter Two: Message in the Flames

Chapter Three: Gabriel Over the White House 

Chapter Four: Watercolours

Chapter Five: Greetings, Fellow Humans

Chapter Six: The Lion, the Witch, and the Barn

Chapter Seven: Shall I Lose Twice?

Chapter Eight: Beyond These Fields We Know

Chapter Nine: The Powerless of This World

Chapter Ten: Other Beasts

Chapter Eleven: The Singular Elsa

Chapter Twelve: Some Mother’s Son

Chapter Thirteen: The Most Startling Supervillain of All!

Chapter Fourteen: The Miracle at Parliament House

Chapter Fifteen: Waters Clear and Dark

Chapter Sixteen: The Glass Forest

Chapter Seventeen: The Naming of Cats

Chapter Eighteen: Full Fathom Five Thy Father Dwells

Chapter Nineteen: Wake in Fright

Chapter Twenty: Now My Charms Are All O’erthrown

Chapter Twenty-One: The Battle of Avon Valley

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Quiet Room

First Intermission

“Now the Virgin returns, the reign of Saturn returns; now a new generation descends from heaven on high. Only do you, pure Lucina, smile on the birth of the child, under whom the iron brood shall at last cease and a golden race spring up throughout the world!”


Strange Things on the Side of the Road

There Was a Man

Book Two: Titanomachy 

“He does not live in a dark lonely tower by the sea, from which are heard the screams of vivisected men and women. On the contrary, he lives in Mayfair.”

—G.K Chesterton. 

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Marvellous Reinvention of Allison Kinsey

Chapter Twenty-Four: Married Days

Chapter Twenty-Five: The Night Watch

Chapter Twenty-Six: The Most Startling Superhero of All!

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The New Child

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Adam and the New Humans

Chapter Twenty-Nine: The Reefs of Sound

Chapter Thirty: Mabel Henderson’s on the Case!

Chapter Thirty-One: Blasphemy

Chapter Thirty-Two: Pharmakós

Chapter Thirty-Three: Still Waters

Chapter Thirty-Four: Panoply

Chapter Thirty-Five: The Battle of the Rabbit Hatch

Chapter Thirty-Six: Backwards Day

Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Angel of Danzig

Chapter Thirty-Eight: By These Hands…

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Heal Thyself!

Chapter Forty: Damnatio Memoriae, or, True November

Chapter Forty-One: The Sleeper Awakes

Chapter Forty-Two: The Gold Rush

Chapter Forty-Three: Five Go Mad in Northam

Chapter Forty-Four: This Machine Kills Supervillains

Chapter Forty-Five: The Bellows of Giants

Chapter Forty-Six: The Girl Who Fell to Earth

Chapter Forty-Seven: Origin Story

Chapter Forty-Eight: The Prime of Miss Therese Fletcher

Chapter Forty-Nine: Formicarius

Chapter Fifty: Nostos

Chapter Fifty-One: Ulysses in Northam

Chapter Fifty-Two: No Enemy Shall Gather Our Harvest

Chapter Fifty-Three: The Shoal