Dramatis Personae

The Watercolours


Our heroes; amateur primary school dramatists, young superhumans; children who spend a lot of time in a barn:

Allison Kinsey/Myriad: Daughter of a rural banker and his New Australian wife from the Old Country, wherever that is. A child prodigy’s child prodigy, since being torn from her home and family, Allison has discovered she can mimic the powers of any nearby superhuman.

Maelstrom: Son of the water-elemental Melusine and the acidic South African Basilisk, Maelstrom has inherited his mother’s powers. Raised as Dr. Herbert Lawrence’s protege; he has high hopes for the boy.

Mabel Henderson/Phantasmagoria: Almost Maelstrom’s only friend, blessed with the ability to bring any illustration to terrible, terrible life. Creative head of the Watercolours, does not actually need eyeglasses.

Arnold Barnes/Elsewhere: Allison Kinsey’s defacto best friend from the same small town, Arnold possess the ability to teleport almost anything almost anywhere… except himself. He’s not bitter.

William “Billy” St. George/Growltiger: The cloistered son of a rich couple, Billy’s powers of matter transmutation, invisibility, and acoustikinesis (roaring very loudly) have left him with the appearance of a bipedal tiger. Very happy to be here.

New Human Institute Staff and Graduate

The people who keep an eye on them:

Dr. Herbert Lawrence: Oxford educated psychiatrist and superhuman advocate, founder of the New Human Institute. Australian, despite the accent.

Eliza Winter/Żywie: A German-Polish healer and biokinetic hailing from the Free City of Danzig. Splits her time between teaching English and doing awful things to vegetables.

Hugo Venter/Basilisk: The Institute’s South African maths teacher, all of Basilisk’s bodily fluids are corrosive to everything except living flesh. Keeps busy. Father of Maelstrom.

Françoise Barthe/Melusine: A hydrokinetic (theoretically) from the south of France. Mother of Maelstrom, in charge of athletics and power development classes.

Alberto Moretti/Tiresias: A clairvoyant and telepath Lawrence rescued from Italian blackshirts as a boy. Oenophile.

Chen Liu/AU: Lawrence’s first student, a third generation Chinese-Australian with the ability to telekinetically manipulate gold. Left the school long ago to aggressively borrow gold mines.

Mary Gillespie: English former primary school teacher recruited by Dr. Lawrence after the London Blitz. Surnames, please.

Therese Fletcher: Fresh faced science teacher hired by Lawrence in the wake of the Cuban Crisis. Shaky, but earnest. Avoid loud noises.

Bryant Cormey: Civics teacher brought on around the same time as Miss Fletcher. Favours a return to Athenian democracy. Don’t laugh.


Other Students

The many other children who knock about the campus:

Thomas Long/Haunt: Member of the Stolen Generation with the ability to become intangible, often seen with Britomart.

Bella Wilson/Windshear: Six year old mistress of the Institute’s black market, not to mention the wind itself. Picks on Maelstrom.

Louise Michelson/Britomart: Chief minion of Windshear, her ability to manipulate kinetic energy makes her faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, etcetera, etcetera. Picks on Maelstrom less. Is not a supermarket.

Brian Peters/Snapdragon: A fire-conjurer whose flames only burn as he wills them. The Institute’s other supplier of spectacle, allergic to hippies.

Lucy Andrews/Automata: What Mabel is to drawings and paintings, Automata is to models and toys. Her plush legions scurry beneath the Institute, waiting for their lady’s call to arms.

Troy Willes/Talos: Able to shift from flesh and blood boy to biomechanical android; takes soccer very seriously.

Mavis Nowak/Reverb: One of the Institute’s original students, Reverb’s congenital muteness has not prevented her from earning her keep as the school PA system, thanks to her power over sound.

Lucius Owens/Linus: The only boy among the Institute’s first crop of students, Linus credits his many musical talents to being a son of Apollo. However, everyone knows Apollo lives in Greece, and not Australia.

Sadie Jones/Stratogale: Another of the Institute’s eldest students, Stratogale possesses the almost boring powers of flight, enhanced strength, and near-invulnerability, as well as the ability to communicate with and command all manner of birds. They don’t have much to say.

Lana Firrens/Ex-Nihilo: The middle-child of the Institute’s early students, Ex-Nihilo is blessed with the power of matter conjuration, which she will explain in great length is different from matter transmutation, thank you very much.

Robert Carroll/Gwydion: Currently muddling his way through his early teens, Gwydion can manifest his will into invisible, geometric constructs. Too cool to play with little kids.

Jennifer O’Keely/Veltha: The last member of the Institute’s elemental quartet, claiming dominion over earth itself. The dirt apparently does actually come off.

Tina Vicks/Cardea: A portal generator who still doesn’t know what she’s named after. Is certain her power is better than hoary old teleportation.

Jimmy Wallis/Jumpcut: Line of sight teleporter. At least it works on him.

Bran Davies/Metonymy: Welsh migrant with the power of recreating a whole object from fragments, likely wishes he’d stayed at home.

Sheilah Brown/Artume: A insomniac young woman with access to a dimension of platonic shadow. Keeps to herself.

Jeremy Smitt/Abalone: Able to surround himself in a beautiful, protective bubble. Perhaps it’s for the best his headmaster is a psychiatrist.

Dawn Brown/Ēōs: Born with the power to create solid light, Ēōs is queen of the Institute come blackouts.

Adam Sinclair/Panoply: The New Human Institute’s newest student, with over thirty distinct superpowers, because life is unfair.

Chant, Chorus, Ophelia, and Spitfire: Babies with powers, check back in a few years.


The Powerless of This World

Trust some, fear the rest:

Angela Barnes: Mother of Arnold Barnes, breadwinner for the family as the town butcher. Made of materials unreproducible by science.

Frederick Barnes: Arnold’s father. A retired corporal in the Australian Army,  Fred Barnes was honourably discharged after losing his legs in the Korean War. Spends much of his time writing angry letters.

Drew Barnes: Angela and Fred Barnes’ eldest son, proud new father.

Sophia Barnes: Drew’s wife, who he met tooling around the country in a combi-van.

Julia Barnes: Drew and Sophia’s baby daughter, check back in a few years.

Jack Kinsey: Accountant father of Allison Kinsey. Deeply ashamed.

Drina Kinsey: Allison’s mother, a European World War 2 refugee of somewhat vague origins.

Bartholomew “Bazza” Finch: Surprisingly steady young hippie from the town of Northam. Very curious about those far-out kids in the valley, man.

Aleister “Al” Johnson: Bazza’s less steady mate. Very conflicted about this whole super business.

Eddie Taylor: Bazza and Al’s other childhood friend. Apparently an electrician’s apprentice. Loving boyfriend.

Dr. Stephen Carter: Journeyman scientist in charge of studying Allison Kinsey’s powers at McClare Demi-Human Containment Centre. Somehow both bored and terrified, all the time.

Other Uncanny Individuals

Superheroes, retirees, villains at large:

Elsa Lieroinen/the Singular Elsa: Owner and Operator of the Lieroinen Family Circus; broomstick riding, cauldron stirring, house haunting witch. Offers fortune telling for those interested in the truth. Pronounced “Ilsa”.

Myles: Ringmaster of the Lieroinen Circus, Elsa’s loyal friend and companion. Avoids mirrors.

Ávrá Lieroinen: Elsa’s young daughter/maid. Someone give her a hug.

Ralph Rivers/the Crimson Comet: Australian superhero operating during the 30s and 40s, retired to obscurity shortly after World War 2 for unknown reasons. Confirmed bachelor.

Timothy Valour: Former airman and adventurer, current reluctant head of the Department of Demi-Human Affairs. Tolerates Lawrence.

Unprintable/the Physician: Alien biologist whose eyes change with the weather. Don’t take his lollipops. Musically challenged.

The Flying Man: Thought to be the world’s mightiest superhuman, the Flying Man single handedly dismantled every nuclear weapon on the planet in under three days. Here to help. Possibly.